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Inspired by the previous project EFT, which was based on the Belgian experience of EFTs (Entreprises de Formation par le Travail -Businesses for Training for Work which support access to employment for persons with specific needs, by the production and commercialisation of paid goods and services, necessary for the fulfilment of its social and educational objectives), NT4S aims to develop new innovative learning tools for work based training.

The work based training model allows personal development for individuals’ key skills. It also increases the possibility for training and for qualifications for people who are at risk of exclusion both socially and in the world of work.

The model favours the development of “the socialisation” of learning (education in pairs, continued sharing between those responsible for training and the group of learners) and, not being based on traditional lessons, allows the training organisation to tailor the lessons more to the needs of those with a low level of education and those at risk of social and personal exclusion.


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Meeting in Namur (Belgium)

Meeting in Namur (Belgium)

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Between the 13th and the 15th of February 2019, the Erasmus + NT4S project partners – New Tools for New Skills in Work Based Learning,

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